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Bike Track Days Questions Answered

Bike Track Days Questions Answered

Using your vehicle on circuit is subject to rules and requirements. Although there are no speed restrictions and many of the laws of the road do not apply, a racing circuit is a controlled environment and there are many elements you need to be aware of. These FAQs cover the questions that we are asked most often, including those related to COVID-19.

General FAQ's and Covid distancing measures

Click HERE to download a summary document that details all the safety measures currently in place for trackdays. In addition, here are some frequently asked questions:


    • What are the requirements for taking part?

      Rider and vehicle requirements can be found in a dedicated section HERE

    • What is the back protector rule?

      Wearing a back protector makes sense. Up until now we have always 'strongly recommended' riders to wear one. From 2022 this has been upgraded to being compulsory. When lining up for your sighting laps the pitlane marshals will do their visual checks (for wristbands etc) and give you a friendly pat on the back which may be accompanied with a prod or two to see if you are ticklish. The back protector should be full length to cover at least the majority of your spine. The back protector can be integrated or separate. The back protector needs to be designed and fit for that purpose. If you have any queries regarding suitability please email

    • How to book using a credit/voucher

      We have a dedciated page HERE

    • What are the terms and conditions?

      Our booking terms and conditions have a dedicated page and we have tried to look after you and use reader friendly language. Should there be sections you are unclear of, please call us before booking and we will help: 0843 453 3000*

      More information

    • Which group should you book?
      Novice Group

      A typical rider in the novice group will have little or no experience on circuit. All riders should start in this group - even experienced road riders. Rider etiquette is really important for us. Everyone looks after each other and there is nothing to prove. For most in this group it will be their first venture on to the race track. Instructors are always on hand to help and it is a friendly environment - remember you are there to enjoy yourself!

      Please have a good read through the FAQ section and call us if you are unsure. We also have a dedicated Novice section.

      Intermediate Group

      For riders familiar with the circuit that have done some track days before. Typically the Intermediate group has the broadest spectrum of circuit experience within it and as a result is usually the first group to be fully booked. We recommend that if you are towards the 'front' of the Intermediate group you will be better off moving up to advanced. You will learn more and have less riders in your way. You may want to consider our track academy for an intensive all-day course.

      Advanced Group

      For experienced circuit riders, competent with higher track speeds and familiar with circuit. In this group you will find the track day regulars and racers. Riders will have completed numerous events. Race licence holders are welcome. The overtaking rules are just the same as the other groups. The average 'pace' of the advanced group will be more even than the other groups allowing riders to really concentrate on their technique.

      If you are getting towards the front half of this group then it is time to start thinking about going racing! You can get your race licence with us.

    • What happens if the weather is poor?

      It is very rare that we will have to cancel an event due to adverse weather conditions. If the circuit is deemed unsafe by the event team we will delay circuit activity until it is safe to proceed. Our events do take place if it is wet. If the circuit is deemed unsafe to run without any circuit activity taking place then we will transfer your booking to a suitable alternative date or issue a credit note. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the weather forecast in most cases and the decision not to run is most frequently made on the day of the event.

    • What if I you are late or forget your license?

      Don't worry. Your place is safe. Should you arrive late, please report to an MSVT member of staff, where arrangements will be made for you to be individually registered and sighted. Please note that you will miss out track time if you do arrive late and you will need to wait for a member of the team to be available.

      If you do not have your licence available you will need to use the online DVLA licence check service to prove you have a valid licence. You will need to go to and go through the process and choose the option to share/print your licence entitlements and bring this with you along with official photo id such as a passport. We cannot verify race licences on the day.

    • Is there a waiting list if a track day is full?

      Yes. Go onto the booking page of your chosen track day and click the reserve button. A box will pop up for you to enter basic contact details.

      If a space becomes available we will email everyone on the reserve list with a link to book online. This system will run up until one working day prior to the track day.

    • Circuit Facilities - Are all the circuits the same?

      In general the services and facilities are broadly the same but there are differences. Please click the circuits page for the specific circuit details.

      There are catering facilities available at most of our events where breakfast, lunch and teas and coffees etc. are usually available.

      At some venues there are fuel pumps on site for track day use. However, at other circuits there are petrol stations within a close proximity of the circuit so please ask any member of staff for directions.

      Camping is available at 'most' circuits the night before. Free in the summer and £5 off season.

      Circuit access is typically from 6:30/7:00 in the morning for day events and 15:00 for evenings.

      More information

    • When are we open?

      Our office is open from Monday to Friday 8:30-17:30 (Closed Bank Holidays). Nov-Feb we close a little earlier on Fri at 17:00. Contact details are at the bottom of the web page.

    • When are dates listed?

      Typically early Spring dates are listed late November. April to September dates are listed late January/February and October onwards are listed around August. There are still extra dates added throughout.

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