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General Track Day

General Track Day

General Bike Track Days follow one of two formats. The most common is the Session format. This splits riders into groups of a similar ability and divides the track time between these groups. The second is an Open Pit Lane format. These types of events are for Intermediate or Experienced riders only and riders can come and go on circuit throughout the event.

Using the Session format, we typically run Novice, Intermediate and Advanced groups, and on evening events the Intermediate and Advanced groups are often combined. We monitor riders on circuit to make sure everyone is looking after each other. Briefings make it clear about what we expect and group numbers are always sensible.


The Novice group on our track days is designed exclusively for anyone who has little or no track day experience. If this is your first track day you might want to consider one of our Novice Only Track Days we run on select dates through the year. The additional mini-briefings that we provide on our Novice Only Track Days will also take place on our General events and our friendly instructors are always on hand to offer help and advice.


The Intermediate session on our track days is designed for riders who have completed some track days before and feel ready to move up from the Novice session.


This is for experienced track day riders who are competent with higher track speeds. If you have an ACU or FIM race licence then you might want to consider a Test day.


Your track day will typically start with rider registration (7:30-8:30) where your licence will be checked, indemnity form signed, bike sticker and wristband issued.

Then it’s off to noise testing. Check the specific event page for the noise limit for that event. Noise testing is covered in the FAQs if you are unsure.

In addition to the online safety briefing there may be a supplementary briefing (around 8:30) for novices which will cover extra information to help you with your day. This will be mentioned on the final joining instructions email if relevant. This will cover everything important you need to know about the day from flag and circuit rules, through to helpful hints, tips and circuit information.

Sighting laps (9:00) are at the beginning of your first session. This is your opportunity to experience each bend behind a pace bike at a reduced speed, note the live marshal posts and the circuit conditions.

Track time continues with 20 minute sessions on rotation throughout the day with an hour’s break for lunch. Lots of track time!

Plus - for the Novice groups we always have extra off-circuit get-togethers to give advice on body position, techniques, bike prep and answer questions - all at no extra cost.

Key Points
  • Sessioned groups according to ability
  • Professional friendly instructors
  • Monitored rider etiquette

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