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ACU Race Licence

ACU Race Licence

Get your licence to go bike racing at one of our dedicated ACU test dates!

Here are the details for what is involved in gaining your race licence. By completing a ‘Competitor Training Course’ (CTC) and a ‘Basic Riding Assessment’ (BRA), you can obtain your ACU licence and join race clubs across the UK. For £189, stretching from an afternoon into an evening, we operate our ACU assessments, at several different circuits on select dates, throughout the summer months.

2024 tests planned: 

Donington Park 24th Apr 

Brands Hatch 12th June (fully booked)

Snetterton 12th Aug (Online ZOOM CTC date TBC)

What is the Competitor Training Course (CTC)?

The CTC is a live, online presentation, through Zoom. Lasting approximately 90 minutes, you and fellow future racers, will attend the presentation approx a week prior to the BRA assessment date. You will cover participation requirements, safety & organisation information, and finish off with a multiple-choice test. A top clerk leads the CTC and it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and talk things through!

What is the Basic Riding Assessment (BRA)?

The BRA is practical assessment on our circuit in groups. It is your chance to demonstrate that you are a competent rider. You will need to display that you can lap consistently in a safe and controlled manner amongst traffic. In addition to this, you must be proficient in the areas below:

  • Basic Machine Craft – Demonstrate you have good command of a motorcycle. This includes throttle control, the use of brakes and gears.
  • Circuit Safety – Are you aware of other riders and flags? This includes adapting to the circuit conditions.
  • Corner Speed and Exit - Can you hold a reasonable pace and use the correct lines?
  • Practice Start – can you safely complete the race start procedure? This covers grid position assembly and a staged race start.

Important Information:

From 17.30 and 20.00, you will have 4x15 minute on-circuit sessions plus a fifth for your race start. These sessions give you a chance to practice and improve before being assessed.

The BRA is conducted on your own bike (it doesn’t have to be a race bike). Your bike must be suitable for the intended use and subject to our usual trackday requirements.

Wearing one-piece leathers is compulsory for the ridden test. All other equipment is subject to our usual trackday requirements covered in our Essential FAQ section.

You will need to create a ‘profile’ on the ACU Sport80 website (see the summary guide below). Online guides here

Assessments for under 18’s are £259 with places being subject to demand. Booking for juniors are by phone only and enquiries are to be sent via an email – 

Free BMCRC membership will be provided for all those who pass. You can still race with any club you wish but an alternative membership will still be needed for the application.

A summary guide to booking your ACU licence:

Step 1: Book an ACU Licence Assessment

Step 2: Directly after booking one of our ACU test dates, create and populate in full, a profile on the acu.sport80 website. Please ensure you select the correct licence level you are applying for. I.e select an ‘Intermediate Novice level’ if you have a full DVLA road bike licence. Select a ‘Novice Level Licence’ if you don’t. NB: This second option will also restrict you to bringing a bike of 600cc or less to the BRA. Once completed, you must email us with the Member ID number this profile will generate.

Step 3: Complete your CTC.

Step 4: Complete your BRA.

Step 5: Pop back onto the ACU website and enter the dates you completed your CTC/BRA. Shortly after you will receive your e-licence confirmation and your novice racing bib through the post.

If you think you need some training on track prior to sitting your test (and already hold a full road bike licence) please visit the Track Academy page of our website.

Key Points
  • Online class, written multiple choice test & on-circuit assessment
  • Quality circuit time
  • Summer months
  • Licence accepted by all road race clubs

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