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I Have Booked A Track Day

I Have Booked A Track Day

Thank you for choosing MSV Trackdays. 

By now you should be excited about getting on track! For some, it can be easy to forget that it’s just about enjoying yourself. Don’t take it too seriously or feel some kind of pressure to be an accomplished circuit rider in a day. Take everything in and enjoy it. Understand that many riders will be nervous and you will need to make allowances for this and be patient. There is no rush, no winners, trophies or talent scouts.


A final joining instructions email will be sent, to the email address used to make the booking, twice prior to the event. First a week prior and then again a day or two before the track day. The last one will include garage allocation (if applicable)  unless you booked very last minute. Check your spam/junk email folder if you haven't received it. This email is essential.

This FAQ section will cover the essentials you need to know in order to take part in your track day. More information is available in our full FAQ section. Click HERE to download a summary document that details all our safety measures currently in place for trackdays.

The full safety briefing can be a lot to take in and so below are some key parts that are useful to know in advance along with some explanation. Please feel free to call or email us during the week with any queries you may have. You can reach us on These details will provide you with the information that you need to have a safe and enjoyable day. It's best to have a run through the essentials below so you don't get caught out by something you haven't thought of. Shortly before your event you will receive a secondary 'final instructions' email with finer detail including garage allocation (if applicable).

At the circuit any of the event team will be happy to assist if you get stuck on what to do next and where to go. The 'On the day' section will give you an overview of how things run. If you have a question that we haven't covered on our T&Cs or full FAQs then please call us on 0343 453 3000 (normal landline rate). Asking on the day may be too late.

  • Rider Requirements
    Licence requirements:
    DVLA Licence holders

    All riders must be over the age of 18 and hold either a valid fully unrestricted (not provisional or bhp restricted) motorcycle licence issued by the DVLA (or the equivalent foreign licensing authority in the rider's country of residence) with the appropriate category clearly indicated.

    ACU Road Race Licence holders for track days

    Riders who have a valid ACU Road Race licence 18 years or over can also attend track day events in the appropriate group. ACU licence holders 16-18 may receive special dispensation, subject to approval by phone with MSVT, on an event by event basis and must book by phone.

    MSV Trackdays offer ACU licence tests where you can obtain your ACU Road Race Licence. CLICK HERE for further details.

    Rider Requirements For Dedicated ACU Licence Holder Test Days Only

    All riders must hold a valid competition licence issued by the ACU, AMCA or FIM. We can accept riders below 16 years of age as part of a dedicated junior session or on a session where they will be participating with bikes and riders of a similar pace. Unless the rider is taking part in a dedicated 'junior testing session'; all riders aged 16 and under must book by phone and have specific permission from MotorSport Vision in writing prior to booking. Any rider under the age of 18 years of age will need a dedicated U18 indemnity form counter signed by there parent or guardian on the day of the event.

    Equipment requirements

    All riders must be wearing either one piece leathers or two piece leathers that zip together ALL the way round (no skin/undergarment shown when the rider raises arms above the head). Textile suits are not permitted and neither are sparky sliders. ACU approved full face motorcycle helmet, proper leather motorcycle boots up the calf muscle and leather motorcycle gloves beyond the wrist must be worn. NEW for 2022 - All riders must be wearing a full-length back protector.

  • Bike Requirements and Prep

    You should always keep your bike regularly serviced and in a road/trackworthy condition, but for the avoidance of doubt please note the following requirements and recommendations:


    All bikes must have a front brake lever guard or hand guard fitted. Your brakes must be in good condition when taking to the track. If it has a rear brake light then it must be working. You will need an operational front and rear brake. Brake pads should have plenty of life left in them. During a track day our brakes will wear quicker than on the road and it is good practice to check them throughout the event.


    They must be in good condition and we strongly recommend checking and adjusting to suitable pressures. Do remember to wait for your tyres to warm up during the first few laps.

    Taping up of lights 

    We recommend front and rear lights and indicators are taped up before going on circuit - in an accident the lenses in your lights can shatter, creating a hazard on track.


    Must not be affixed to the rider or the top of the fuel tank. They must be fixed using a purpose built mount either adhesive, bolted (or sucker mount with a secondary tether).


    Suspension and steering parts will define how well your bike handles on the track; always ensure that these components are in good condition.


    Your engine will be under greater pressures than the road. Check all fluid levels are correct, plus chain and sprocket wear.


    The bodywork and all fasteners should be checked - you do not want any parts falling off on track. Touring bikes must remove all luggage boxes.


    You must ensure that you have enough fuel at the start of each session. You will use more than on the road. A simple tool kit is also handy to have with you.

  • On Track

    Track Notes

    • On entering the circuit from the pit lane please keep to the right hand side and do not move over until the circuit behind you is clear. When pulling off circuit into the pit lane, stay right early to allow following bikes a clear route passed
    • Use the first few laps to build your pace, warm up your tyres and familiarise yourself with the conditions
    • Consider other riders - Leave plenty of space when you overtake. Allow faster riders past easily by 'lifting off' (do not brake)  and slowly move to the right
    • Overtaking is only on the left and the other vehicle is consenting. Do not overtake under brakes or through the corners. The consenting bike should make a clear move to the right and ease off the throttle
    • Anyone who ignores red flags or the direction of marshals will be asked to leave the venue - the marshals are there for you safety.
    • Do short 15-20 min sessions. After this point everything starts to overheat. Build your pace as the laps tick by. Keep your adrenalin in-check at all times.
    • The medical/safety car has a paramedic on board and can join the circuit via emergency access points. Please be aware that these vehicles have the right of way on the circuit and will overtake on the left so please move over to the right.
    • Talk to people around you that you don’t know – it’s a good thing, the atmosphere is great – tap into it.

    On a track day we use certain flags and lights to signal to all drivers. When you are on your sighting laps please familiarise yourself with the position of the live marshal posts and light positions. The following are the types of flags you will see:

    • Green - indicates live marshal points during the sighting laps.
    • Yellow - Minor incident at that part of the circuit. No overtaking, 30% reduction in speed. It is likely a car is rejoining.
    • Red - Major incident somewhere around circuit. No overtaking anywhere on circuit. 50% reduction in speed. Come into the pit lane immediately. It is likely a car has stopped in a dangerous position.
    • Blue - Reminding a slower car that a faster car is waiting to pass and will need to consent.
    • Yellow & Red Striped - slippery surface or debris at that part of the circuit. Adjust your line or speed accordingly.
    • Black - There is either a mechanical problem with your vehicle, your have failed the drive-by noise test or we need to discuss an aspect of your driving. Please return to the pits immediately and report to a pit lane marshal.
    • Half black and half white – Indicates to a specific car they have exceeded track limits. Multiple flags will result in the black flag and loss of track time.
    • Chequered - The end of the session. Please reduce your speed and return to the pits. No overtaking is allowed during this lap.

    Pit Lane Notes

    • If you have use of a garage, please ensure you adhere to all the terms and conditions displayed therein.
    • Fire lanes must be kept clear at all times.
    • The pit lane is strictly one way, as is the track. The pit lane speed limit is 30mph.
    • Only people taking part in the current session are allowed in the pit lane.
    • It is forbidden to sit on the pit wall.
    • It is forbidden to re-fuel in the pit lane.
    • It is forbidden to smoke in the pit lane or garages.
    • Children under 16 who are not participating are not allowed in the pit lane.
  • Registration and Indemnities

    Although we make every endeavour to ensure that risks are controlled, high speed driving is a dangerous activity and in attending the event you are choosing to accept those risks. When taking part in a track day, you do so entirely at your own risk.

    For all MSVT events on circuit you will need to complete an online check-in prior to arrival. This involves an online indemnity and briefing for all riders. The final joining instructions email sent to you prior to the track day will contain a 'link' that takes you to the check-in and briefing. You should complete the indemnity/check-in straight away. You will need to click the same link again 24hrs prior to your track day to access the compulsory safety briefing. If you have booked other riders you will need to forward the final joining instructions email so they can click the same link to register - using their own email and details. Essential helpers do not register.

    Our office is open from Monday to Friday 8:30 - 17:30 (Closed Bank Holidays and 17:00 Fri Nov-Feb) should you need us in advance of your track day: 0343 453 3000 (landline rate).

  • On the day

    Signing on

    The registration/signing on point will be indicated on your final instructions email. To sign on you will need to have already completed the online check-in and safety briefing. If not you will be sent away to complete before rejoining at the back of the queue. You must produce your valid licence at the point of registration; please note that photocopies cannot be accepted. Participants under the age of 18 will require their parent or guardian to be present, and have countersign the online check-in. Please read our 'Rider requirements' section or email us in advance of your booking if unsure. During registration you will be issued with a wristband and vehicle sticker (to go on the front of your bike). Arrive early - the registration process is not quick and you will miss track time if you all turn up at the end of registration period!

    Noise Testing
    At all circuits, except Donington Park, vehicles must be static noise tested before taking part in any on track activity. The noise test area will be indicated on your final joining instructions email, plus often on the day by a tall orange flag labelled 'Noise Testing'. The noise limit for your event is indicated on the individual event page. Please see the Noise Limits section for further details.

    Sighting Laps
    After registration and noise testing you will need to be ready for the compulsory sighting laps. All riders must complete sighting laps prior to track activity. These are an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the the circuit and view circuit conditions at a reduced pace.

    Most events will have professional sports photographers taking high quality pictures of everyone out on track. They can be purchased online after the event.

  • Cancellations

    If you are unable to attend the booked track day, please email our sales team as soon as possible. In these circumstances, provided MSV Trackdays are notified no later than 14 days prior to the original booking date, MSVT will endeavour to reschedule your booking or provide an MSVT credit towards a later track day (subject to availability) up to the face value of the existing booking*. MSVT are unable to cancel, credit or refund bookings within 14 days of the event at the request of the customer. In most cases a name change is permissible.

    Any MSVT credit must be used within a three month period. For example, if you cancel your track day on the 1st July 2021, you must have booked an alternative date by the 1st October 2021. Any credits not used within the three month period automatically cancel.

    Any amendments/cancellations to track day bookings must be requested by emailing the MSVT team at stating clearly the track day booking details to which the request relates too.

    Any cancellations or amendments to track day bookings requested by you will incur an administration fee of 10% or £20 which ever is the greater. All offers of credit are entirely at the discretion of MSV.

    MSVT may have to cancel a track day due to events beyond its control, for example adverse weather conditions. This will usually be in the interests of safety. Where a track day is cancelled in its entirety for such reasons, MSVT will endeavour to notify participants of the cancellation by email.

    MSVT are unable to reimburse third party costs incurred due to the cancellation and unfortunately cannot guarantee that participants will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the event. Where a track day is cancelled in its entirety for such reasons, MSVT will endeavour to offer a credit note to the value of the original booking to be used against another MSVT event within a three month period.

    *subject to administration charge.

  • Circuit Information

    Choose your circuit by clicking 'more information' below.

    More information

  • How about spectators?

    From the 19th July spectators are allowed for track days.

    At Bedford Autodrome spectators (minimun 16) need to sign-on and receive a wrist band due to its unusual site layout - no charge


All racing circuits have noise restrictions that must be complied with. It is extremely important that we operate within these limits so that we minimise any disturbance to local communities. At MSVT events the noise testing area is indicated by a tall orange flag labelled 'Noise Test'.

  • Noise Limits for each circuit

    All our trackdays have noise restrictions. It is extremely important that circuits operate in compliance with their set limits. Anyone wishing to have their bike tested can come to one of our track days and have a noise test free of charge. Please check with the circuit before coming. It takes just a few minutes for the test.

    For all circuits except Donington Park there is a static test after registration which is carried out using a handheld meter. Each bike is measured 0.5 meters away from the exhaust at a 45 degree angle when the engine is being held at the following rpm

    Engine Size 1 cylinder 2 cylinder 3 cylinder 4 cylinder
    250cc (4 stroke) 5,500rpm 8.500rpm    
    300cc (4 stroke) 5,500rpm 7,000rpm    
    400cc (4 stroke) 5,000rpm 6,500rpm 7,000rpm 8,000rpm
    600cc (4 stroke) 5,000rpm 5,500rpm 6,500rpm 7,000rpm
    750cc (4 stroke) 5,000rpm 5,500rpm 6,500rpm 7,000
    +750cc (4 stroke) 4,500rpm 5,000rpm 5,000rpm 5,500rpm
    125cc (2 stroke) 7,000rpm      
    250cc (2 stroke) 5,500rpm 7,000rpm    
    500cc (2 stroke)   5,500rpm 7,000rpm 7,000rpm

    In addition to the initial static test, circuits have a continuous automated 'drive-by' meter operating to ensure vehicles continue to adhere to the noise restriction in place. If the drive-by monitoring level show that your bike exceeds the limit then you will be called into the pit-lane to address the noise level before going back on circuit. There are many variables that will result in different readings at different circuits for the same bike.

    For bike trackdays, the noise regulations for each of the circuits are as follows:


    01474 872 331

    Indy Circuit (Daytime) - 102dB(A)

    Indy Circuit (Evening) - 101dB(A)

    GP Circuit 101dB(A)

    Brands Hatch also has a 92dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.


    01829 760 301

    All circuits - 102dB(A)

    Oulton Park also has a 89dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.


    01507 343 248

    All circuits - 105dB(A)

    01507 343 248

    Daytime - 102dB(A)

    Evenings - 102dB(A)

    Snetterton also has a 92dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.


    01234 332 400

    Daytime - 101dB(A)

    Bedford Autodrome also has a 87.5dB(A) drive-by limit which is measured at a distance of 20m.


    01332 810 048

    All circuits - 98dB(drive by only)

    Please note that we run some unsilenced events. Please see the booking page of your event for details.

    Additional Information

    Factors such as air temperature and humidity can affect the level of noise that your vehicle is producing. If you are ever within 1dB(A) of  a particular limit then we suggest that you strongly consider having your bike looked at before making another booking.

    Ducati Panigale fitted with the 'plain standard exhaust only' will be permitted leniency on the static test. Drive-by limits are still strictly enforced.

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