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On Track Support Services

On Track Support Services

Trackdays are all about enjoying yourself on track. To make your day even better we have professional photographers, tyre support, suspension setup experts and highly experienced instructors.

Instruction packages

Rider training options are either single sessions of on track training, booked as an additional option when booking your trackday, for £25. Or a full day of intensive tuition with a dedicated instructor with our Track Academy. Our coaches know the circuits better than anyone and will help you with all aspects of your circuit riding so you get the most out of your day and all your future trackdays.


At most of our events MSV photography will be taking pics of everyone on track and then uploading them online for your to view and purchase within a few days. They are a separate department to us and can be contacted on They are often at events so a reply may be delayed.

Hire Bikes and Leathers

At a select number of events through the summer we will have new spec Yamaha R6 supersport bikes available to pre book as an additional option when booking your trackday. Leathers are also available to hire. We typically need two weeks notice to ensure availability.

Tyre Support and Suspension Setup Services

At the majority of our trackdays we will have both these services in attendance. Tyre support is typically offered by Rod Harwin Racing and HMT. Suspension Setup is typically offered by 100% Suspension and RaceLab

Key Points
  • Tyre support
  • Suspension Set-up Service
  • Professional photographers
  • Hire Bikes and Leathers

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