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Open Pit Lane Track Day

Open Pit Lane Track Day

An Open Pit Lane Track Day is a great way to relax and enjoy your circuit riding. There are no set times for you to go on circuit so you control when and for how long you would like to ride. Any stoppages won't lose you time as you can simply pop straight back out again.

Our Open Pit Lane events are open to Intermediate or Advanced circuit riders only. Riders must be comfortable with faster track speeds and overtaking. These particular events are not suitable for Novice riders due to the faster average speeds. There are still sighting laps to be completed and we typically stop for an hour at lunch time.

We monitor riders on circuit to make sure everyone is looking after each other. Riders deemed unsuitable during the event will, unfortunately, be unable to continue. Briefings are clear about what we expect and group numbers are always sensible.

Key Points
  • You choose when you go on track throughout the day
  • Professional friendly instructors
  • Monitored rider ettiquette
  • Limited event numbers
  • Not suitable for Novices

Upcoming Open Pit Lane Events

We dont have any Open Pit Lane currently - Check the full calendar for information on other events.

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