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Road Bike Only Track Day

Road Bike Only Track Day

Welcome to the original track day for road bikes 

Since our first dedicated Road Bike Only events in 2010 these have always been really popular. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere spanning all of MSV's famous racing venues make these events perfect for every rider with a road bike.

At each event throughout the year all riders booked are entered into a free draw to win a FREE track day with us.

Mark, MSVT Manager - "These events have a really nice relaxed atmosphere and are purely for road bikes. It's the ideal opportunity for riders to experience their bike properly and on a famous circuit - just as track days began."   

Road Bike Only Track Days capture the excitement of riding on race circuits while ensuring a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of being on circuit alongside track day bikes or race machines.

The rules for these events are simple and retain the spirit of these themed trackdays - Only road-going bikes will be allowed to take part. This means road-legal bikes with all the running gear to include working front and rear lights, indicators and mirrors (can be taped over or turned in). Number plates will need to be fitted but digits can be taped over if preferred. We strongly encourage all participants to ride to and from the circuit. Daytime MOT-spec bikes and slick tyres are unfortunately not suitable for this type of event. Tyre warmers are permitted.

Riders will typically be split into three groups (or four if listed) as per a normal track day. The specific schedule and groups for an event will be on the event booking page.

The format of the day will follow the schedule of our General Bike Days - Check out the comprehensive FAQ page or essential novice info page to see what you need.

  • Use the 'filter' feature on our calendar page to find and book them easier.
Key Points
  • Road legal bikes only
  • Friendly like-minded paddock
  • Rider etiquette monitored
  • Friendly experienced instructors
  • FREE trackday prize draw at every event
  • The original trackday

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