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Track Academy

Track Academy

If you want an intensive course with lots of training on your own bike, hosted by a friendly, experienced rider coach, look no further. Pupil-to-instructor ratio for both levels is as good as it gets at 1:1 and you will typically have six or seven full sessions on track as part of the existing track day plus continuous off-circuit tuition, discussion and learning from a highly experienced MSVT approved instructor. Track Academy is a full day bespoke course designed to get the most out of your circuit riding.

If you have never been on track before, we'll be covering everything you need to know to become a competent circuit rider. If you're looking to race or struggling to crack a circuit or section of, we'll show you the way.


This is the place to start if you have never been on a track day before, have little experience, or are returning to riding. During the day you will work, step-by-step, through all the essential skills needed to take part in track days on a regular basis with confidence. During Level 1 you will become smoother, safer, more confident and faster. Many of the areas covered in this level also transfer directly to the road.


This is typically designed for more experienced circuit riders who have attended Level 1, ride in the Inters group or recently moved to the advanced group. We will focus on advancing your riding technique and particular circuit sectors. By the time you've completed Level 2, you will be a thoroughly proficient track rider. Intermediate riders often carry reasonable speed and have a good understanding but often have bad habits and are looking to unlock the secrets and learn the techniques to start pushing on without learning the hard way. This course will build confidence without taking unnecessary risks, provide the techniques to go faster easier and bring your circuit riding to a whole new level. Choose the easy way.

The £349 price for the Academy is in addition to the trackday price listed on the day you choose. The Track Academy is available at all of our events (except open pitlane days) with sufficient notice.

Key Points
  • Intensive instruction course
  • One to one instructor pupil ratio
  • On and off circuit tuition
  • The best way to go faster and safer

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