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I Am New To Track Days

I Am New To Track Days

If you have never been on a track day before then you're in the right place! We have events and products specifically tailored to track day novices to ensure that your first experience of riding your bike on circuit is not only fun but also "pressure free" as well. On our Novice only track days you won't find any seasoned trackday riders or racers as these events are restricted to riders who have little or no experience.

Participating in an MSV Track day isn't about riding on the limit; it's an opportunity to experience the performance of your bike within a safe, controlled and professional environment without speed limits. You'll have the opportunity to learn new riding skills that are useful not only on the track, but the road as well.

Brake boards and apex cones are laid out on circuit at all our novice events, providing a constant guide of where your bike should be positioned so that you are as smooth as possible through each corner. In addition to this, we have qualified instructors on hand ready to offer you advice and one-to-one training.

Taster Sessions

Our Track Day Taster Sessions are the cheapest and easiest way to get on track where 20 minutes of track time is available for £35. They are a great way to see what track days are all about without committing to a full day. You will receive a full safety briefing including track techniques, followed by three sighting laps led by a pace bike before you complete the remainder of your session at your own speed.

General Track Days

The majority of our days have a group format with riders typically split into one of three groups based on circuit experience. The first session for each group starts with three sighting laps. The groups go on circuit in order throughout the day for plenty of track time. 

Novice Only Track Days

Our Novice Only Track Days allow anyone to experience the thrill of riding on a race track without the pressure of being surrounded by more experienced circuit riders or racers. The day will follow a group format with each group taking it turns on the circuit throughout the day.

Road Bike Only Track Days

Our Road Bike Only Track Days capture the excitement of the track while ensuring a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of being on track at the same time as track or race bikes. This type of event follows the same group format as a general day.

Rider Training

We highly recommend instruction at any level to get the most out of your track day. We have a choice of training packages available. You can book single sessions with an instructor for £30. The instructor will assertain your experience and ability, talk through the plan, get out on circuit with you and have a good de-brief after. For an intensive day of exclusive all day instruction we have our Track Academy. This is the most effective option available to improve your speed around a circuit.

  • What is a track day?

    The essence of a track day is simple. A non-competitive event allowing riders of road and track bikes to come to a race circuit and explore their bike's performance in a safe, controlled and professional environment without any speed limits. Rider etiquette is of ultimate importance and so there is no close or aggressive overtaking. Riding is monitored with poor or dangerous riding dealt with swiftly.

    A typical day will involve registration around 8am, followed by your bike being noise tested. You will have a full safety briefing so you know how the day will run. Flag and rider etiquette rules are all covered in good detail. Your first time on circuit will be for sighting laps so you can familiarise yourself with the circuit and settle in. Then you are away with multiple sessions on track to enjoy yourself.

    Instructors are available at all our events and highly recommended. They are available to chat all day and answer questions. They can be booked to come out on circuit with you during your sessions - this is the best investment you could ever make for going faster and safer.

    A small percentage of pit garages can be reserved in advance for a small fee. Please see the booking page of your track day for further details. The majority of garages will not be reserved and are available free on a first come first served basis.

  • What do you need?

    All riders must hold either a fully unrestricted road licence or ACU licence. Road licences must be a full unrestricted, valid driving licence issued by the DVLA (or the equivalent foreign licensing authority in the driver's country of residence and be 18 years or above) with the appropriate category clearly indicated. ACU race licence aged 18 and above. Riders aged 16 and above with a race licence may still be permitted with special dispensation agreed prior to every event on a case by case basis and must book by phone every time.

    Equipment Requirements

    • All riders must be wearing either one piece leathers or two piece leathers that zip together the majority of the way around and importantly - no skin/undergarment shown when the rider raises arms on to their head. Textile suits are not permitted.
    • ACU approved full face motorcycle helmet,
    • Proper leather motorcycle boots up the calf muscle. Metal knee and/or toe sliders are not allowed. 
    • Leather motorcycle gloves beyond the wrist (overlapping the sleeve) must be worn. 
    • All riders must be wearing a back protector that covers the majority of the spine.
    • A motorcycle that is fit for the purpose and passes the noise requirement for that event - see the next FAQ

    Riders must have a good command of the English language and all clothing must fit well and be in good condition with no rips or holes.

    Rider Requirements For Dedicated ACU Licence Holder Test Days Only

    All riders must hold a valid competition licence issued by the ACU, AMCA or FIM. We can accept riders below the age of 16 years of age as part of a dedicated junior session or on a session where they will be participating with bikes and riders of a similar pace. Riders under 16 must book by phone. Unless the rider is taking part in a dedicated 'junior testing session'; all riders aged 16 and under must have specific permission from MotorSport Vision in writing prior to booking. Any rider under the age of 18 years of age will need the registration completed by their parent or guardian, who must be present, on the day of the event.

  • What about the bike?

    The Bike. All bikes must be fit for purpose.

    • If it has a rear brake light then it must be working.
    • The bike including tyres must be in a good serviceable condition both mechanically and bodily and suitable for its intended use on the track. It is 'your' duty to ensure that the vehicle remains in this condition for the duration of the activity, in the interests of your safety and the safety of others at the circuit.
    • Touring bikes must remove any luggage boxes and trikes are not permitted. 
    • All bikes must have a front brake lever guard or hand guard fitted.
    • It is worth giving your bike a good service to ensure fluid levels are correct, chain adjusted correctly and all nuts, bolts and fasteners are secure. Brand new tyres and brake pads are not necessary, but worth checking the pads have plenty left and that your tyres have a nice rounded profile, reasonable 'depth' and sensible pressures. 

    Noise Restrictions. The vehicle you intend to use must conform to our noise regulations. Full details of these can be found in the FAQ 'I have booked a trackday' section. If MSV is of the opinion that any vehicle does not comply with the applicable noise restrictions, the relevant vehicle will be prevented from participating in the remainder of the event unless and until the noise emissions are addressed to bring them within the applicable limit.

    Accident Damage and Insurance. MSV do not require you to have insurance cover in place on its track days. However, whilst track day accidents are rare, by using your bike on circuit you do so at your own risk. It is highly unlikely that your normal bike insurance policy will cover you for a track day but there are specialist insurance companies who provide track day insurance.

  • What happens on the day?

    A Typical 'day event': Signing On (7:30)

    The registration team will check you have already completed the online check-in process and briefing before you can sign on. Then they will check your licence is valid and issue you with a wrist band and vehicle sticker. Arrive early as there are likely to be many of you.

    Noise Testing (8:00-8:30)

    At all circuits, except Donington Park, your vehicle will be subject to a static noise test. Please see the noise testing regulations to see how this is measured.

    Safety Briefing (8:25-8:45)

    There may be a supplementary briefing for novices (in addition to the online briefing) which will cover extra information to help you with your day. This will be mentioned on the final joining instructions email if relevant.

    Familiarisation/Sighting Laps (9:00)

    Familiarisation laps are carried out in a line behind instructors at the beginning of your first session on track. These give you a chance to experience each bend at a reduced speed and note the live marshal post and circuit conditions before continuing with the session.

    Sessions continue (9:00-17:00)

    Events will typically follow one of two formats with an hour break for lunch. Open Pitlane - you can go on and off circuit as you choose. Or sessions - vehicles are grouped according to the riders track experience. Sessions are typically 20 minutes on rotation. Warm your tyres, start off slow and build up your pace up throughout the day. There is no rush.

    Evening Sessions

    • The format is the same as a 'day event'.
    • Sign-on and noise testing (16:00-17:00)
    • Supplementary briefing (17:00)
    • Sighting laps and sessions (17:30-20:00)
  • Cancellations?

    See our terms and conditions for further information. If you are eligible to cancel please email your booking details and request to

  • When are we open?

    Office hours are: Summer Mon-Fri 8:30-18:00. Winter (Nov-Feb) Fri 8:30-17:00

    We are closed for Bank Holidays. Bookings can always be made through this website.

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